Magical Mount Baker    Tuesday, April 26, 2016

There is a fantastic look-out spot just a two minute hike up the ridge near my house.  I like to go up there on a clear day and look out over the ocean to see Mount Baker in the distance.  Most days there is cloud cover or sea fog between Vancouver Island and the Olympic mountain range on the U.S. side.  All that you usually see is the group of islands in the middle of the Haro Strait.  It always feels a bit magical when you can see Mount Baker – like the Paramount Pictures logo suddenly appearing as a movie backdrop.

I like to take a moment and just sit and think about what a unique place I live in.  Just a 15 minute walk down the ridge from my house to the ocean.  Great for inspiration – now I need to get back to my studio and channel this clarity of vision into my work.

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